Beer Coolers

Beer CoolersBeer Coolers – Junior

The draught product is cooled to 8°C in the refrigerated beer room. It is then pumped under pressure to the beer cooler. In the beer cooler, each draught product travels through an individual product coil immersed in ice water. The length of each product coil determines the temperature of the product at the tap. This system has been proven to dramatically improve product quality and reduce spoils.

Beer Coolers – Miniflex

The Miniflex is specially designed for low volume outlets with peak demand. It can cater for a maximum of 16 tracks.

Beer Coolers – Standard & Dual

These two coolers are the second largest in our range. The Standard is for outlets with a refrigerated keg room; and, the Dual is for outlets without a refrigerated keg room.

24 Hour Service & Maintenance on all Refrigeration Eqiupment including Beer Coolers